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Sound Samples

-music recordings-

Classical Recordings
Kinsella and Pasamba Excerpt
Lydia Kaminska Excerpt
Medical Arts Symphony Excerpt
Summerfest Excerpt
UMKC Orchestra Excerpt
UMKC Wind Symphony Excerpt

Anvil Chorus
Broken Hands
Excess in the Bottoms
Lust and Vice

Ken Lovern's Organ Jazz Trio w/ Bukeka Shoals (OJT+B)
Fat Daddy
I Loves You Porgy
Middle of the Road
Never Can Say Goodbye
T'aint Nobody's Business
Big Yellow Taxi

Pocket Space
Wrong Planet
Secluded Tuesday

Ryan Kleeman Jamz
Prime Minister Funk
Herr Schultz

UMKC Jazz Combos
Bobby Watson's Jazz Combo
Traffic Control
Written Up
Mike Pagan's Jazz Combo
The Medley
Showtype Tune
Zack Albetta's Jazz Combo
Albini Rhino
The Broken Circle
Kevin Cerovich's Jazz Combo
Track A
Track B
Mike Jarvis 's Jazz Combo
Track A
Track B

-sound design-

Chord Cluster Drone
M4M Ambience 1
M4M Ambience 2
Seagull 1
Seagull 2
Seagull 3
Seagull 4
Seagull 5
The Trial: Door Slam
The Trial: Titorelli
The Trial: Whiplash

-voice overs-
Sparks: Acura
Sparks: Doritos
Sparks: Minute Maid
Shirley: Royals spot
Shirley: Ice Draft spot
Shirley: VH1 spot
KCAI: 30 second spot
KCAI: 60 second spot

-terror ambiences-
Horror #1
Horror #2
Horror #3
Horror #4
Horror #5

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