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Hello, wonderful people

I'm an audio engineer, sound designer, and instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Check out my work by clicking on the transport.



news update - september 2008
hello wonderful people - I'm back!

Wow! - It's already been a year since my last post - things have definitely been busy...Tons of new, really cool projects are under way!

Sound Arts launched its very first Sponsorship and Residency Program back in August which is a unique program that combines opportunities for young, up and coming engineers and producers to engage professionally with musicians and bands to record, collaborate and release songs completely for free. In one week, we had some amazing talent in the studio - Christopher Willits, 60 WATT KID, The Blank Slates, DERVISH, Sean Niesen, and Midori/Audioclique. Our Interns and Trainees did an outstanding job and lots of really cool content was created. The compilation will be out soon, so stay tuned, and download some of the stems and take part in remixing the content. Check us out - click on Blog then Sponsorship SOUND ARTS.

I've recently been working with an amazing singer/songwriter - Lily Taylor. I'm mixing her first full length album which will feature some of her really incredible tunes. Lily's unique vocal style and her creative arrangements infused with melancholic and beautiful melodies highlight the depth and complexity of her songs. Lily is working with multi-instrumentalist Sean Miller on this album and together they have created a unique sound score of instrumentation and orchestration. Stay tuned for the release of this captivating album! Check out some of her other stuff on her myspace page. LILY TAYLOR.

I'm back in the studio this week working with another really talented singer/songwriter Paul Kaspian and am excited about his 2nd full length album which we are almost done tracking. Paul's melodically inviting guitar mixed with his pure and graceful vocal become the heart of his well crafted songs. Paul is working with percussionist Emily Hendricks and multi-instrumentalist David Bloom on his current album, which has sculpted a very creative and powerful trio. Stay tuned for Paul's new album and Check out Paul's stuff PAUL KASPIAN.

I just wrapped up mastering some tracks for Gabriel Coan, a phenomenal drummer and multi-instrumentalist who played with the amazing band "Continental". These songs are Gabriel's own which feature a spacious, organic, and dreamy vibe - densely packed with fused together instruments, and filled to the brim with full frequency spectrum textures. These will be available for download on Gabriel's new website U-dot music, so check 'em out! U-DOT.

I'm still teaching sound production and software classes at The Bay Area Video Coalition - BAVC so if you're in the Bay area and are interested please check out the website. There is an Audio for Video Production class running Oct. 4th, 2008, Soundtrack Pro class running Oct. 28th and 29th, and Reason running Nov. 8th and 9th. Sign up today! I'm also really excited about a very unique class that is running at Sound Arts in early November - Stereo Miking Techniques! Learn how to capture audio content in the studio and the field using some of the industries most common and unique stereo recording techniques. Check out the Sound Arts class calendar SOUND ARTS

More to come very soon...

Enjoy the Beautiful Fall!


news update - september 2007
hello all, and happy fall!

I just wanted to mention a couple of projects that have been coming into fruition...or are already in fruition!

Christopher Willits an amazing San Francisco Musician and Multi-Media Artist just released a spectacular piece on the Record Label 'Room40' called "Plants and Hearts". This was a piece that we collaborated on back in 2004 at UMKC when I was experimenting with a miking technique called MS. This technique was regarded as a superior miking technique throughout UMKC and proved to have some absolutely amazing advantages.

I recorded a series of guitar drones processed live by Christopher utilizing one of the most flexible audio software programs on the market today - Ableton Live. We fed that processed guitar droning signal through 2 Loudspeakers in our largest recording room at UMKC and recorded it in MS.

Check out for more information about the inspiration and formation of this piece.

Please check out a snippet on the Current Projects page and if interested BUY a copy at:'s site

Secondly, I've recently had the great opportunity to work with Brian Schmierer, one of the Co-Founders and Co-Owners of SOUNDARTS Studios in San Francisco. This studio has a killer live room and is creating a thriving environment for all types of artists and musicians to create in...

Finally, if you haven't listened to a couple of snippets of Ken Lovern's piano work on my Current Projects page, you should definitely check out a couple. Ken is most likely going to be releasing the full length solo piano album this fall, so stay tuned to get a copy from his website.

Also, if you're in the Bay area, I am teaching a 2 day intensive workshop of Reason on September 15th and 16th at BAVC - The Bay Area Video Coalition. Sign up today if you're interested...

"Travel light,
live light,
spread the light,
be the light" - Yogi Tea Company - Eugene, Oregon!


news update - august 2007
hello everyone,

Happy August! A time of transition...

My amazing drive out west was alive with immaculate sunsets and towering mountains. I arrived safely in 3 days; driving from KC to Ft. Collins, then to Wendover, Utah and then all the way into San Francisco.

The trip was a complete inspiration traveling through the vast regions of this diverse and bounteous country.

I have my home studio all set up and have already begun working on a few side projects...

Ken Lovern, the amazing Hammond B3 Organ Player/Virtuoso and I are just now putting the finishing touches on a full length Jazz Piano album featuring Ken on piano.

Ken gracefully strides his way through classics such as "Stella by Starlight" and "A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

Ken also provides a nice complement to the standards with some of his own interweaving and flowing improvisation tunes.

Check out his website soon to have a listen or obtain a copy of the CD.

Ken's Site

Enjoy the rest of Summer, and Please have a listen to the amazing arrangement of Summer Madness! by (Kool and the Gang)


news update - july 2007
california is filled with inspiration and beauty and I can't wait to get out here permanently...

I just got done spending the weekend in San is such a progressive city...I had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of classes at The Bay Area Video Coalition...This place Rocks!

I sat in on Christopher Willits' Intro to Digital Audio Course and helped guest teach a section on Pulse Code Modulation. This was an awesome experience and I learned a great deal from it...

Now, I am in Los Angeles taking some ProTools certification courses and am getting an in depth view of the software from Audio Industry Professionals...This software is the Grandfather of all audio software applications...

Anyway, after the week is over, I probably won't touch ProTools for at least a couple of weeks...

have fun, drink some tea, be inspired, and contribute to positive energy...


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